What if...

You could shape the world your audience can see

mixing the real world with a computer generated holographic one

you could bring your audience to places where no man has gone

and bring dragons or any other creature to live

in an holographic world that interacts with the real one

wouldn't that be fantastic?

welcome to the world of Holomadness

Holomadness brings stage performances to a new dimension

mixing the real world with a computer generated one

Combining the real world with an holographic world is a powerful tool for creative directors to amaze their audiences.
Holomadness is the first studio providing holographic content to live performances.
Our team is specialized in working with stage directors to assist you in realizing your creative ideas.

  • Work with live and digital actors
  • Create new forms of interactive theatre
  • Use all special effects available to the cinematic industry in your live performances
  • Amaze your audience
  • If you want something you've never had, you'll have to do something, you've never done.

    J.D. Houston, Novelist
  • Those who do not move, do not notice their chains

    Rosa Luxemburg, philosopher

meet our team

Peter van Strien

CEO Holomadness

Peter dedicates his professional life shaping the future of the arts.
He is the founder and director of a performing arts school in the Netherlands with extensive experience working and dealing with many artists and all the aspects of creative processes.
Peter is the co-founder & chief executive officer.

Amiran Tchikhinachvili

3D and stop motion animator

After finishing his education as sculptor and animator he won the 1st prize at the Munich international Film festival, the Jury prize at the Angers international Film festival and the 1st price at the Animation Film festival in Tel Aviv with his film “Little man”. Amiran is responsible for the creative department as co-founder & chief technology officer.

Tamara Vera

Interactive theatre design

Tamara has more than 10 years experience with stage performances and is our specialist in interactive theatre design.

Pim Pim

Audio Engineer

Pim has won many prices at (classical) piano competitions before specializing in electronic music composition.

Augmented vs Virtual reality

Augmented reality (AR) gives you the image of the real world with additional digital content where virtual reality (VR) places you in a digital created environment.


Augmented reality (AR) is the blending of virtual reality and real life. With AR, users continue to see the real world while interacting with virtual objects around them


Virtual reality (VR) is the creation of a virtual world that users can interact with. VR places you in a virtual world by wearing a VR helmet. With VR, the user is isolated from the real world while immersed in a world which is completely fabricated.


Stage performances first came to live in ancient Greece and remained popular ever since. In the last few decades the entertainment sectors has been flooded with new technology, resulting in a very influential cinematic and gaming industries. Operating with significant competitive advantages over stage performances.
It’s not coincidental that the creative industry is booming leaving much of the performing arts in need of support.
However imagine a future where theatres make the advantages of the cinematic and gaming world their own! Where the differences between live performances, cinemas and games become vague.
Stage performances where directors control every visual aspect to create new and exciting forms of interactive theatre with the power to astound a whole new audience.
This is a world limited only by imagination, where stage entertainment is brought into a new dimension.
Welcome to the world of Holomadness.

How it works

Existing technology suitable for stageperformances:
3-D projections in background
2D projection on transparant screen
glass pyramid with 4 simultaneaus projections (one for each side)
4) laser projection

Comming technology for stages:
- Hololens -
The holographic digital environment is only visible wearing special AR-glasses (Hololens).
The required hardware (Augmented Reality glasses) will become available in 2016/2017.
Hololens solve most of the disadvantages from all other existing methods, like the necessity of a dark background, the requirement of beamers, lightcontrol etc. Hololens can place (and fix) any digital created hologram in any place.

If you are interested in any of above mentioned systems, please contact us at +31 648.256.402 or by info@holomadness.com for a custom advise (free of charge).

  • Every good project starts with great idea's. Creativity is the motor of the performing arts. We understand this like no other since our founders have an extensive history working in the performing arts

  • Working the idea out to concepts and scheduling a timetable resulting in a general agreement and execution plan.

  • Now its time to create the desired content.

  • As content gets ready, it will be continuously tested to ensure that it satisfy your demand.

  • It is our first priority to get the content ready inside the agreed schedule. The show must go on!

  • We re-test the content during "live" rehearsals to ensure that all details of the performance are adequately prepared and coordinated

  • Having everything ready, tested and rehearsed, guarantees your moment of glory. Enjoy!

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Hot From the Press

Holomadness in the media

Holomadness introduces animated holograms for stage performances.

The Dutch Holomadness created by Peter van Strien and Amiran Tchikhinachvili is the first studio bringing holographic animated content to the theaters. The holograms provides an interactive and multimedia set of tools available to stage directors aiming to engage a new and bigger audience and change the way performing arts are experienced. READ MORE ...

Nederlandse startup introduceert hologrammen in podium voorstellingen

Holomadness opgericht door Peter van Strien en Amiran Tchikhinachvili werkt aan een techniek om holografische scenes met theater voorstellingen te integreren.
De eerste voorstelling met deze technologie zal Jungle Boek worden, dat in juni 2016 in De Doelen te Rotterdam in première gaat. Bij Jungle Boek zullen de "echte" acteurs en de regie geleverd worden door de Russian School of the Arts. LEES VERDER...

Jungle Boek de eerste “live” theater voorstelling in een holografische wereld

De eerste theater voorstelling waar een virtuele wereld met de echte vermengd wordt  zal zijn première op 24 juni 2016 in De Doelen beleven. De familievoorstelling Jungle Boek wordt uitgevoerd door School4Stars in samenwerking met de Russian School of the Arts.

Join us in changing the world of the performing arts

We do hire

do you fit in a team of talented workaholics?
  • Unity 3D Programmers
  • Text writers
  • Account managers
  • Office manager


Design the world your audience can see anyway you like

  • Be the first
  • Get unique content
  • Amaze your audience


Despite our highly experienced team our enterprise is a newly born baby. Therefore we will be happy to meet investors and incubators willing to help us realize our vision. You can contact us directly on +31-648156402

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